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One Year? Easy Peasy.

I mentioned in January that my New Year’s goal was to stay at my job. Well, May 4th (the anniversary date) has come and gone, and I’m still at my job. I’m even one month past it! Good for me!

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What 18 Year Olds Taught Me About Management

[Ed. note: I wrote this for a Hobsons internal thing for the “People Leader” group, when asked to write on the topic of motivation and employee engagement. I think it sort of rambles around those topics, so I decided to

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New Year’s Goal: Staying at my job!

I got an email the other day about why New Year’s Resolutions fail, and that instead of proclaiming resolutions one should set goals instead. Sounds good to me! I mean, who am I if not someone who listens closely to

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A bit of work-related thankfulness

[Ed. note: I wrote this for a Hobsons internal employee blog feature thinger on a season of thankfulness, but liked it enough that I figured I’d post it here, too. I’ve edited it only ever so slightly (mostly to add

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GUEST POST: “On National Adjunct Walkout Day”

[Ed. note: This guest post is written by a dear friend and former classmate of mine from my grad school days, who is a really good teacher and needed an anonymous place to post this diatribe. I personally agree with

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