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Code Review is an Opportunity for So Much More than Bug Fixes

A recent blog post from the folks at Code Climate (a highly recommended hosted static analysis tool for Rubyists) highlighted a study that found what the researchers deemed “The Unexpected Outcomes Of Code Review”. When I read these “unexpected” outcomes—code

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Avoiding Tall Hedges (or silos, if you prefer a different farming metaphor)

A recent 37signals blog post, “Making shit work is everyone’s job”, captures the essence of the spaces in which I like to work (and currently do). The post has also ruffled a few feathers, at least in the comment thread,

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Thoughts on Code Year, Codecademy, and Learning to Code

By going one click away from this post you’ll see that I’ve spent the last twelve years writing books specifically geared to the newbie coder—be it someone who wants to learn the markup language of HTML, the style sheet language

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