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How Careers 2.0 (& Workplace.SE) Helped Me Get a Job

(NOTE: Everything below is 100% true except as of May 2015 I no longer work at the company mentioned in the post. I made a move to a larger company with more opportunities.) I’m not going to lie, this post

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Workplace SE — a great place to contribute and build some rep

It took over a year for The Workplace StackExchange site to get to public beta, and now that it is, I would like to ensure that people know it exists and is ready for your questions (and answers). As a

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Be a Sponge

There’s a job out there that I’ve wanted since August 8, 2009. Thing is, it never existed as an open position (still doesn’t), and until now I’ve never told anyone. The other thing is, I’m going to get that job.

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Be Helpful!
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