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What 18 Year Olds Taught Me About Management

[Ed. note: I wrote this for a Hobsons internal thing for the “People Leader” group, when asked to write on the topic of motivation and employee engagement. I think it sort of rambles around those topics, so I decided to

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How Careers 2.0 (& Workplace.SE) Helped Me Get a Job

(NOTE: Everything below is 100% true except as of May 2015 I no longer work at the company mentioned in the post. I made a move to a larger company with more opportunities.) I’m not going to lie, this post

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How Careers 2.0 (& not brainteasers) Helped My Hiring Process

At my last job, one of the things I did was re-form a development team; I anchored it by hiring two exceptional people I worked with before, but that left two other open positions that I advertised and successfully filled

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