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Code Review is an Opportunity for So Much More than Bug Fixes

A recent blog post from the folks at Code Climate (a highly recommended hosted static analysis tool for Rubyists) highlighted a study that found what the researchers deemed “The Unexpected Outcomes Of Code Review”. When I read these “unexpected” outcomes—code

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GitHub’s new “Choose a License” decision tool (not just for GitHub)

If I had a nickel for every “which license do I use?” question I’ve heard (or seen at Programmers SE) over the years, I’d be rich. However, I’ve never done a darn thing about it besides count the mythical nickels,

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How Careers 2.0 (& not brainteasers) Helped My Hiring Process

At my last job, one of the things I did was re-form a development team; I anchored it by hiring two exceptional people I worked with before, but that left two other open positions that I advertised and successfully filled

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