#reverb10, it's not you: it's me

I’m throwing in the towel with the Reverb 10 project—not because it was hard (I mean, it was, but in a good thinky way) but because with all the crazy traveling and life stuff I got so far behind that it seemed silly to go through the motions to catch up.

Honestly, I thought about each of the prompts every morning. I just didn’t write the posts. And really, the thinking is more important for me. I mean, sure—I know I’m just utterly fascinating and therefore who wouldn’t want me to hold forth on introspective personal topics (I’m kidding. No, really. I’m kidding.) … but really, the process was just for me to start orienting my brain in a different way. I’ve been doing that (independently of the Reverb 10 project), and will continue to do that, and hey, maybe I’ll actually blog about stuff in 2011. I’ve already declared it the year I get my life back.

I have some posts brewing—mostly technical thankfully (I know!) but maybe some personal as well. Or at least about nature. Or music. Those are good things.

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  1. Plenty of people will still be answering them into January! The timing is really stressful for a lot of people right now. I’m really psyched to know they’re provoking thought.

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