Workplace SE — a great place to contribute and build some rep

It took over a year for The Workplace StackExchange site to get to public beta, and now that it is, I would like to ensure that people know it exists and is ready for your questions (and answers).

As a new public beta (only 19 days old at the time of writing), it has a very brief FAQ and the specifics of the site scope are not written in stone; it’s a site and a community still defining itself. In general, however, The Workplace is for “members of the workforce navigating the professional setting.”

Sounds broad, I know. And it is! It’s also important to note that while a lot of the current users spend a lot of time at Programmers SE, Project Management SE, and UX SE—this is not an IT or software-development specific site. It’s not even specific to office jobs, although it’s true a lot of the questions skew that way because most community members have office jobs.

Some of the more popular tags for questions are résumé, hiring-process, career-development, and work-environment, to name but a few (of over a hundred).

Not only is it a nice place to be—plenty of space for questions and answers, helpful quasi-moderators (we don’t have official ones yet), low-key and useful—let me reiterate how useful it will be to all of the folks who want other site proposals to make it through the commitment stage: proposals need to have a number of users with at least 200 reputation on other SE sites, to show that there’s a core group of users who know how StackExchange works.

Come to The Workplace and get your feet wet! We’re friendly.

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